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mimulus and the snake tongues ski runs bc
Mimulus and the Snake Tongues

We love this place! The staff always try to get their work done so they can take a few runs with the guests in this area. Repeat guests are always hopeful that the snow will allow them to spend the day in this area. We ski on the open “tongues”, between the tongues and in the magical old growth trees beside the open runs. When you look at the photo you can see why we named one area of this run the Butterflies and another Gypsy Moth.

Trapper ski runs bc


Trapper I, II, and III

These runs wind through the forest and have been a favourite of everyone who loves to ski steep and deep slopes. We always laugh and smile with pleasure after a Trapper run. This zone is located relatively close to the lodge, so we often make this an end of day stop before heading back.

Hump and Dump, Hallelujah, Trapper Lake

We often use these runs when it snows heavily and avalanche conditions are high. They start near the lodge elevation and cruise through the woods, into open cut blocks, and end up below the lodge. On snowy days, the staff, as usual, loves to get out into this area.

East Tsuius ski run

East Tsuius

This is the east side of the main mountain ridges where we are located. The fingers of open terrain that run down from the drop off give us good visibility and great skiing. It provides steep spots and mellow ways around the steeps so everyone in the group can have a great time skiing here.

Cottonwood Bowl ski runs


Cottonwood Bowl

We ride and ski in this open bowl as conditions permit. Sometimes we use the whole bowl, other times safety concerns have us sticking to the edges. Once again, this is one of the long runs down as we head into open trees for more skiing once out of the bowl. Everyone looks like a hero up in the open bowl!

Top of the World ski runs


Top of the World

Seriously, it is at the top of the world! This run starts at 8200 feet and falls away through a beautiful open bowl. We ride and ski for ages before heading down into open trees to finish the run in style by jumping off snowy pillows to the cat. (A lot of us ski around the jumps!)

Cottonwood West ski runs bc


Cottonwood West

We discovered this magical run hidden away in the woods. It begins with open terrain, a little trail through the woods and then we’re into another big open bowl. This run has many fingers that open up through the forest. There are lots of small jumps with great rides around the jumps for everyone who prefers not to fly through the air. This is another long run down to the pick-up point.

James Was Bad, Really Bad ski runs bc

James Was Bad, Really Bad

This run was named for a chef from the first season who didn’t listen to the guides – twice! He flew off a 50 ft. cliff instead of following the directions for great skiing. There are a number of entrances to this run, some are challenging (names like James Bond Entrance and 007 and X Chutes give a good indication of the excitement!) and others are more mellow. This run features amazing steep open skiing and a number of great chutes down to the cat pick-up after riding through open trees.

Wild West

We continued further west in exploring our terrain and found this zone that has a cave in the rocks, wide open bowls – some really steep, others are easier and all funnel into a fun ride along a creek bed to the pick-up. There are a lot of great runs in this zone and we’ll explore them with you, making them work with your ability.

Big Garnet, Little Garnet, Parson's Nose ski runs

Big Garnet, Little Garnet, Parson’s Nose

These are the names of 3 zones at the north end of our tenure. In each area, we have enough skiing to make a great afternoon in the zones (for 2 weeks without new snow!). A fire in 2003 burned the forest, which opened up the skiing to become a favourite place for skiing through the black tree silhouettes. A lot of the runs face north here so we can always give you great skiing even on sunny days in the spring. There are jumps for the younger crowd and superb skiing for the rest of the group, all side-by-side. Once again, we get long runs in this area that have everyone sighing with pleasure.

The Jump Runs

As we work our way through the terrain, the guides have found a number of shorter runs that keep us from sitting in the cat too long (the guide will tell you if it’s a shorter run. On the short runs there are great open zones as we once again hoot with pleasure, showing off for the gang standing on the snow road below.

The Extreme Runs

The Extreme Runs

When conditions are good, and the skiing ability is high, the guides love to take you to some of their favourite spots. Sometimes it involves a short walk or climb to the run. The Hour Glass, Southern Cross, Inshalla, Epiphany, Boukra, and HIgh Plains Drifter.

Take it of Leave it - the long run down!
Take it or Leave it – the long run down!

When conditions are right, we start with a high drop off at 7000 ft. and ski, ski, ski through open forest and cut blocks all the way to the valley bottom at 3500 ft. Yes, we do stop to catch our breath and give the legs a wee rest, then get moving through the open trees to keep on skiing. This run is usually done at the end of the day with a cat pick-up carrying happy hour treats and drinks on board. Woo woo!


 See our image gallery for the run photos in a larger size

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