Steep, deep and sweet...

snow cat skiing bcMonashee Powder is known for copious amounts of deep, light powder covering 17,000 acres (66 km2) of exceptional terrain. Our guests enjoy an untouched winter wonderland with no line-ups, no towers and no gondolas; just 24 people enjoying the best that guided backcountry skiing has to offer.

From Garnet Ridge in the north, to Mimulus Lake in the south, our guests have the type of variety usually reserved for heli-skiers, and it's anything but boring! Our guides and staff find it exciting to get out and ski or ride every day. There are open bowls, hidden chutes, mellow lines for some and the steeps for others. The open tree skiing is exciting and our guiding staff can help you find the easier lines on the run if you are new to skiing in the trees. However, for anyone who is nervous – we don't ski the trees, we ski the spaces – once you think and ski like that, it changes your skiing and you’ll be whooping along with the rest of the group!

A visit to Monashee Powder usually entails skiing both scenic open bowls and steep, open tree runs.